Terms & Conditions

1 Year Warranty is offered as standard where listed and applicable. For this warranty to be valid, proof must be shown of the part(s) installation by a qualified, employed professional mechanic also abiding strictly to Land Rover given specifications for the required vehicle – such as, listed torque values(nm/lb ft). Maintenance, servicing and suitable checking of the part(s) condition must be done by a qualified, employed mechanic.

All part(s) must be returned at customers expense for inspection prior to any claim. All sufficient hardware, proof of purchase and proof of qualified installation must be supplied.

Any Warranty made available by Metacraft is applicable and exclusive to the registered owner of the vehicle at the time of installation. Warranty does not transfer or repeat under new ownership of the vehicle in question.
Any signs of misuse, or lack of requested evidence supplied during the Warranty claiming process will void the declared Warranty and further undeclared administration charges will be applied by Metacraft for the given inconvenience.

Warranty is also only valid if the below section of ‘Installation’ is adhered to.

Metacraft do not and will not offer or provide an installation service. Any advice given as to installation must be cross referenced to appropriate sections of the Land Rover Workshop Manual(s) for the part(s) in question and vehicle of that year by a qualified, employed professional mechanic.

All part(s) purchased through Metacraft must be installed to the target vehicle as advertised. All parts must be installed, fitted, adjusted and inspected by a qualified and employed mechanic, prior to use.

Part(s) are not to be modified in any way from their sold state. Any problems must be reported immediately and the part in question is to be returned for outsourced assessment to evaluate whether a replacement or refund is suitable.