Land Rover Discovery 2 Watts Linkage – Ruby/Pink


  • Professionally Shot Blasted (Hodge&Clemco)
  • Corroless Rust Inhibiting Primer
  • Corroless RF16 Top Coats – Ruby
  • Febi-Bilstein / Britpart Center Pivot Bushes
  • Black Britpart Polybushes
  • A2-70 Stainless Bolt Kit
  • Show Quality Finish
  • 1 Year Warranty


NOTE: Needs updating with recent pictures. Haven’t made one in this color lately.


Professionally shot blasted and hand-painted with Corroless Rust Inhibiting Primer and Corroless RF16 Top Coats in Ruby.

Fitted with Febi-Bilstein / Britpart center pivot bushes and Black Britpart Polybushes in the outer arms. 1 Year Warranty.

Arcrite-Corroless paints for ultimate corrosion resistance and durability for decades to come.


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