Land Rover Discovery 2 Non-Ace Anti Roll Bar Kit – Matte Black


Professionally Shot Blasted (Hodge&Clemco)

  1. Complete Non-Ace Kit
  2. Corroless Glass Reinforced Chassis Paint – Matte Black
  3. Includes Brackets, Bushes, Links, Belt, Pulley and Single-Pot Reservoir
  4. ‘Fatty’ Rear Bar
  5. 1 Year Warranty

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Professionally shot blasted and treated with two coats of Corroless Glass Reinforced Chassis Paint in Matte Black.

This kit includes a ‘Fatty’ rear bar, which fits just the same as the skinnier version with a larger bush. It can be however considered to be heavier duty.

New pulley supplied however refurbished shown in pictures.

Supplied with new OEM-Q bushings. A set of 4 new standard height Drop Links, extended can be supplied.

Reclaimed single pot reservoir along with either a new belt to suit models with AC or without. Sometimes the single pots are unavailable, if this happens I will mention and refund the price difference. You can use your stock reservoir with this kit otherwise.

Leave a message at checkout as to which belt you require. For advice, get in touch.


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