Tuesday 27th October 2020

Finally released the new linkage pivot after weeks of testing. Bar welding in the agricultural and domestic bubble, that is my first automotive release.
I have continuously been reconditioning these linkages from salvage vehicles for the best part of two years. Aside from the fact the donor components are averaging 20 years old – the process itself has become obsolete since learning TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding at the beginning of 2020. OEM issued units are still available, however there may be a wait due to the typical nature of sourcing and refurbishment.

During the pivot design I side by side tested two variants, applying lateral load measuring the tonnage. Revolving the concept around using readily available off-the-shelf bushes and being a direct replacement for unmodified axles and chassis layouts.

Available bushings are of reliable quality, yet the installed lubricant that comes from the factory is generally on a cost basis. Correcting this, the housings are machined and tapped ready for the installation of zerk grease fittings. Synthetic grease suitable for wide temperature and pressures is injected and worked around thoroughly.

There are off the shelf name brand pivots available that are re-manufactured cast units. Off the shelf these types often have poor quality upper and lower bushings and lead to failure generally around 6 months of use.

Other brand new components are in the pipe-line *double thumbs up*

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